A family of artists tends to produce more artists. Courtland Urbano’s Great Grandfather was an animator for Hanna-Barbera, his Grandmother was a painter, and his Father is a director. The visual arts influenced Courtland at a young age and began to shape his own artistry. At first it was drawing, then acting and film and finally music.

At the age of thirteen he discovered Hip-Hop. From here, his artistic pursuits focused, and the production of music became his primary outlet. Because of his history as a visual artist, he creates music as if watching a film in his head. Mood and emotion are at the forefront of his creation, pushing him to explore changes and complexities just as a story takes turns and drives its audience forward.

His teacher has always been other music. He learns how to play from listening to a wide range of genres, studying and adapting aspects from each of them, and applying those things to his own unique style. As a self-taught musician, Courtland plays everything by ear, building and arranging each element in his compositions. In this way, he is more of a composer than a typical producer. Courtland’s music evokes the feelings of fear, frustration, and doubt, that we all face, but also those of love, hope, and faith, giving audiences the full spectrum of the human experience.


See-Saw Kids
Courtland Urbano
Courtland Urbano
Instrumentals of Mercy
Beautiful Eulogy
Satellite Kite Instrumentals
Beautiful Eulogy
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