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We humbly ask that you make our ministry a part of your ministry.

How can you do this? Here are a few ways you can partner with Humble Beast to reach the next generation with the splendor of Christ:

  1. Prayer – Please put us on your prayer lists. We have a lot of needs and know our true provider is the Lord. So please consistently lift us up in prayer.  This truly is the greatest thing you can do for us.
  2. Financial Partnership – We also know that the Lord uses his people to help build his ministry in the world. To this end, we ask you to partner with us financially as the Lord leads you.
  3. Business Relationships – We know we have not cornered the market on ministry or creativity. So we reach out for your help in these areas as well. We would love to connect with you about how we can help each other promote God’s glory in the world through strategic business contacts.
  4. Merchandise – One of our main means of financial survival currently is our merchandise line. We love what we have made and have poured ourselves out in everything we have created. We would love for you to share in this and tell others about our work.
  5. Volunteer – We love working with others and we need help too. This is also where we see promise and talent among people and often becomes the beginning of gospel centered discipleship opportunities.
  6. Social Sharing – We would love for you to spread the word about who Humble Beast is and what Humble Beast is doing. You can find us on the social media accounts below. Please follow us and share in your circles if you like what we are doing!

Here Is How You Can Help:

To sustain our music and ministry for the current year, we need to raise 125k by October 1st, 2017. If you believe in our mission and purpose, please prayerfully consider giving to Humble Beast as one of our individual partners, either as a one-time donation or through monthly giving. As we embark on this new iteration of Humble Beast, we covet your prayers and your kindness.

As we seek to remain Freely Given, please help us by Giving Freely to Humble Beast.

Thank you for your prayers and care,


More Ways to Partner Financially with Humble Beast.

Via Check
Humble Beast
4629 SE 17th Ave. Unit 14
Portland, OR 97202
Checks can be made out to “Freely Given”

Via Phone
Feel free to give us a call.
Our office hours are Monday – Friday
from 9am – 5pm PST
(971) 319-2960

Via Text Message
If you would like to partner with us through text message
you can text “Donate
to +1 (971) 801-6350


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Questions or Concerns?

For our Global Partners:
Our global partners can use the international address found at the bottom of the online form if you are experiencing technical issues inputting your personal address.

For Further Information:
If you have questions about partnering with Humble Beast, contact Samuel Nagel, Director of Operations, at

Humble Beast is a a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under IRS guidelines and all donations are fully tax deductible as allowable by law.