Our ministry is for you and through you

by | Dec 19, 2017 | News

I wanted to take a quick opportunity, to first and foremost thank you for all your support of Humble Beast this year. By God’s grace extended to us through your generous giving, we’ve had a fruitful and faithful 2017.

I can say with complete transparency, that the effectiveness of our ministry is a direct result of your generosity, prayers, and financial support. Here are a few things your partnership helped produce this year:

  • In January, we teamed up with Desiring God to create a short film that portrays the pain and plight of countless women who, next to the children, have been the greatest victims of the current culture of abortion.
  • In February, we helped to complete Streetlights – An Urban Audio Bible now available for free download. We also helped launch the Streetlights Mobile App that seeks to break the stronghold of illiteracy through the quiet power of God’s Word.
  • In March, we wrote, filmed, and produced five short films in conjunction with The Canvas Conference.  The series, Frames of Emotion, helps us visually explore how God’s truth in the Psalms interpret the vast emotional spectrum of our human experience.
  • In April, we made a pivotal decision to make Humble Beast a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization. We’ve learned a lot since then with a few of those lessons bringing some bumps and bruises. Yet your generous response to our initial call for support encouraged us to see God’s grace, reinforced our trust in him, and demonstrated the power of partnering with you for Humble Beast’s ministry.
  • In May, we designed and launched a new website to underscore our Freely Given model of ministry making it more user-friendly to provide easier access to our free resources.
  • In June, we produced and freely gave the world Propaganda’s 4th Studio Album, Crooked. Prop uses his unique voice and point of view to explore how crooked people marred by sin can only be made straight by the redeeming work of Jesus.  He reminds us that none of us are off the hook for sin and no one is beyond the reach of God’s grace.
  • In July, we also produced and freely gave the world Sho Baraka’s EP, Pianos & Politics. On this EP, Sho speaks to how our theology and biblical worldview should inform, change, and direct all aspects of our lives, especially our politics.
  • In August, we put on The Canvas Conference: A Conference on Theology & Creativity in Portland, OR for the second year in a row. Young Christian creatives from all over the world attended and were emboldened to use their creativity to love and serve God, his Word, his Church, and the world.
  • In September, we signed our first non-hip hop band, Citizens (formerly Citizens & Saints). As many of you know, they are an incredible band based in Seattle, WA. We are pleased to help you hear more from them in the near future!
  • In October, we produced and freely gave to the world Beautiful Eulogy’s Album, Worthy. Through this record, we sought to bring our listeners face to face with the worthiness of God and show how this leads to the worthiness of following him in suffering and obedience.
  • In November, we edited all The Canvas Conference sessions from 2016 (30+ talks) and 2017 (60+ talks) and made all 2016 sessions available for free online this past week.

We sincerely hope these projects have served and encouraged you.

As productive as this past year has been, we need your help again to carry this momentum into 2018. As 2017 comes to a close, I want to ask you to partner with us again. Please consider giving a financial gift to Humble Beast before the end of this year (December 31st, 2017).

Every tax-free dollar you give will help us reach the $75,000 we need to sustain our ministry for the beginning of 2018.  You can donate here.

In God’s mercy, your gift can help transform the culture through acts of creativity fueled by the beauty of the Gospel. Your donations can help build the creativity, humility, theology, and doxology of the church, the world, and us.

We need you to help make creative disciples; we need you to help make discipled creatives. All to display God’s glory and to display the beauty of the gospel!

Thank you in advance for your prayers and partnership. Our ministry is for you and through you.

Every Blessing,
Thomas J Terry
Executive Director of Humble Beast